Disability Tip: Update your laywer if you move

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Feel Good About Yourself

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Breast Cancer Awareness

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October 2013

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Work on Feeling Good (without going to work)

When Social Security Disability benefits replace the income you had from a job, stop and assess how you feel about not working. While you continue to provide for your family in a different way, you may still feel dissatisfied...

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Are You Prepared for Your Hearing?

It will take most people nearly a year to get their Social Security Disability or SSI hearing scheduled after they first apply. So there is plenty of time to prepare for the hearing...

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Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. We’ve all seen the pink merchandise with the cute logos and phrases: “I love boobies”, “Fight like a girl”, etc. The message is getting out there and the disease is getting attention...

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Summer Recipe Winner & Your Chance to Win $100 in our Magic Eye Contest

In July and August, our newsletter contest was a summer recipe contest and we have our winner! The winner of the recipe contest is Lacanis from Newport News, VA. Thank you to everyone...

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