The death or incapacity of a spouse, parent or relative is a traumatic experience. Grief can cloud judgment and make even the simplest task complicated.

Individuals responsible for handling the affairs of a loved one bear a legal as well as an emotional burden. Often, during their emotional distress they fail to retain legal counsel and, as a result, end up needlessly complicating the probate or guardianship process.

"Probate" is the legal process that transfers title to property and assets from a person who has died to their heirs or devisees. Probate can be difficult or it can be remarkably efficient, quick and simple. The key to an efficient and economical probate is proper legal advice and guidance before death and at the time of death.

If you are concerned with providing for your loved ones after your death or if you have experienced the loss of a loved one and have legal concerns regarding your inheritance, contact Heard & Smith, L.L.P. Our attorneys have provided skilled legal services to clients in all aspects of Texas probate, inheritance, trust and estates. Our firm’s lawyers have the experience, knowledge and sensitivity to guide you through these complex decisions. We can provide estate planning techniques that will help successfully transfer your assets to your beneficiaries quickly and with minimal tax liability. If you are an heir, Heard & Smith can offer professional legal services regarding your inheritance rights.

Occasionally, clients believe that a Decedent’s Will was signed when the Decedent was incompetent or that the Will was the result of undue influence. The law allows for a Will to be contested. If you are interested in contesting a will, you should know that there are significant evidentiary and procedural advantages to acting promptly. Our attorneys have successfully litigated will contests in the trial and appellate courts.

Heard & Smith, L.L.P. attorneys are ready to meet your complete estate planning and probate needs. Please contact our attorneys today at (210)904-3200 to discuss your situation.

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