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“Thanks to Heard & Smith we are now able to pay our bills and that is more awesome than you can believe. It was quick and painless. I would absolutely recommend H&S and I would tell people how professional, quick, and resourceful you all were, absolutely amazing.”
-- Mr. and Mrs. Robert Doran of Tacoma, Washington
“If you want to get your disability approved, Heard & Smith are the people to go to. I got results quickly, without a lot of delays.”
-- William Jones of Texas

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Social Security Fees

We do not charge a fee until you win. Our fee is twenty-five percent of the back award of benefits owed to you for the time you have been unable to work, or $7,200, whichever is least. Once you begin receiving your benefits, no fee is due from your monthly checks. There are no fees, court costs or other expenses, unless you win.

Maximum Fee 
Although the fee is twenty-five percent of your back award, there is a maximum fee charged for services provided through an Administrative Law Judge hearing, and an appeal, if necessary, to the Appeals Council of the Social Security Administration. Currently, the maximum fee is $7,200. This means that the fee is twenty-five percent of the back award of benefits, or $7,200, whichever is less. The commissioner of the Social Security Administration has the power to increase the maximum fee amount.

Cessation Cases 
Sometimes people who are receiving disability benefits are notified that their benefits will be ceased, based on medical improvement, or other causes. Our office helps to protect the benefits they are already receiving. In this situation, we ask our client to deposit twenty-five percent of each monthly check they receive while they are appealing the decision is to cut off their benefits. If we are successful in preventing the cessation of benefits, we will submit a fee petition, seeking approval of our fee. If we are unsuccessful, all monies deposited are returned to the claimant.